Prospect Cottage Stay, Dungeness – Update


Bloody amazing.

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Its been a frustrating business, finishing my series of paintings from my Prospect Cottage stay!! Christmas of course, was an enforced break, with lots to do before hand. Also my brother who lives in Spain, had asked me to find him a country home near me,  to buy. Luckily, I have now found him a beautiful rural idyll, just up the road from me. However, all this took up so much of my time, which I found extremely frustrating, as I was itching to complete the Dungeness series. Finally though, I completed the last of the nine paintings today. When they are all dry, I will be putting them on my website. Meanwhile here is one of them. Painted from my memories of looking out of the kitchen window, at Prospect Cottage, this one is titled “Big Skies and Cottages, Dungeness”. It is oil on board and measures 30 x…

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Uber Excited – A Stay At Prospect Cottage, Dungeness


Lucky lady! What amazing an atmosphere to be creative in!

Originally posted on Nikki Wheeler Paintings:

As a special favour from my friend Keith Collins, I am incredibly excited and privileged to be going to stay and paint for a few days at Prospect Cottage (Derek Jarman’s former Dungeness getaway). I have visited Dungeness on quite a few  occasions but to be staying there is a different matter, let alone at Prospect Cottage. It means that for a short while, I will be able to see it in all its different lights at various times of day and, I am hoping, different weather conditions. I’m wondering what the sunrise may be like, if I get to see one. How will the light play on this oddly beautiful landscape?

To be staying in Derek  Jarman’s cottage, surrounded by his extraordinary garden, obviously has a huge impact. I expect his presence will be tangible and I wonder what effect, if any, this might have on the work I…

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Money Made Easy


As the title suggests, this is an oversimplified explanation of man* and his money, as I see it.

Money Made Easy

Money does not make the man;

the man makes money.

Money can help mend man;

but man troubles over mending money.

 Money does not make you happy;

Happiness though, is not rooted in poverty.

Poverty does not mend man;

and man will not mend poverty.

So, rather:

Money does make the man,

because with it he makes more money.

His making more money creates

these uncomfortable gaps to poverty.

So money may not make you happy.

but poverty does not allow free liberty.

Man will still make money, congruent

with his ‘Right’ views on socialists, and ‘their’ poverty.

*Not being sexist: man = human

Recipe for Misanthropy (iCreme filled)

A very dear friend of mine has recently lost his freedom. The playground in his head is unique. This wonderful man accepts in me something otherwise labelled by many, as merely ‘cynical’ or ‘negative’. He understands a significant paradox; enough to amalgamate my name into a term of endearment (MisanthRosie). His acceptance provides such freedom, so Steinberg (endearment), this one is for you. xx



1 cup panic induced insomnia

1 cup fear induced narcolepsy

2 teaspoons futile hope

1 tablespoon smugregano

3 cups anti-terrorist propaganda

1/2 teaspoon blind-solidarity

1 teaspoon “no i in team” (dried)

ten cups infra-red satellite


Beat insomnia and narcolepsy until creamed. Fold in futile hope and “no i in team” and beat until fluffy. Slowly stir in smugregano until mixture resembles lottery winning 2.4, and quickly add blind-solidarity.

In a separate bowl, mix anti-terrorist propaganda with infra-red satellite and blend until ingredients form masque. Slowly pour masque over other ingredients and leave to set.

iTeam Creme (


1/2 cup ‘pickley capers’

4 tablespoons walk-over powder

1.5 cups trivia 

2 heaped tablespoons sugar-coated edification

1/2 teaspoon bonding tape

1 tablespoon shallow-waters


Gently beat ‘pickley capers’ with walk-over powder and sift in the trivia. Stir in sugar-coated edification with subtle motion and blend with bonding tape. Leave in shallow waters until vantage point medley formed.

Bake in app-oven for 20 minutes or until lukewarm. Smother tepid medley over the ready-prepared masque, ensuring all angles and sides covered.

Et voilà!