The context of 3d_love_pill_picture_166382economy has been rewritten. Happiness, in milligram measurements has replaced pounds sterling;  Eudaimonic – Entry dreams drive a dedicated citizenship; and life is about positivity. Set a foot in the negative, and they’ll know. 

Revolutionaries plot memory filled landscapes with deep feeling and base truths  – though their collective voice remains a mortal whisper within winds of Haptolian happiness.

Can they evoke dedication to the cause within the Immunites and coordinate the True Feelers; or will they be forced down by their two-dimensional peers, actively sustaining Contented Citizenship in unwavering Haptopic commitment?

One drug:  wonder drug.  One people:  wonderful people. One power;  won people.   
All hail Haptolia.



crowd mag words (2) HAPTINOL

(2,4,5–N-haptitoidynin- methylamphetamine) 

An empathogenic drug of the phenethylamine class. Widely known as the “happiness drug”. Colloquially, terms “Haptolia” & “Haptopic” imply state, & attitude or inclusion, respectively. Energy buzz; alert, ‘alive’, in tune with surroundings; sounds & colours more intense; feelings of arousal, euphoria, well-being, and welfare for others are significant characteristics[1] Criminalized in all countries, but some limited exemptions in place for advancement. Regulatory authorities in several global locations have approved scientific studies…2] …reported to be in close talks with Drugs Councils, DRDD and SKF…



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