Science Fiction Novel

The context of 3d_love_pill_picture_166382economy has been rewritten. Happiness, in milligram measurements has replaced pounds sterling;  Eudaimonic – Entry dreams drive a dedicated citizenship; and life is about positivity. Set a foot in the negative, and they’ll know. 

Revolutionaries plot memory filled landscapes with deep feeling and base truths  – though their collective voice remains a mortal whisper within winds of Haptolian happiness.

Can they evoke dedication to the cause within the Immunites and coordinate the True Feelers; or will they be forced down by their two-dimensional peers, actively sustaining Contented Citizenship in unwavering Haptopic commitment?

One drug:  wonder drug.  One people:  wonderful people. One power;  won people.   
All hail Haptolia.



crowd mag words (2) HAPTINOL

(2,4,5–N-haptitoidynin- methylamphetamine) 

An empathogenic drug of the phenethylamine class. Widely known as the “happiness drug”. Colloquially, terms “Haptolia” & “Haptopic” imply state, & attitude or inclusion, respectively. Energy buzz; alert, ‘alive’, in tune with surroundings; sounds & colours more intense; feelings of arousal, euphoria, well-being, and welfare for others are significant characteristics[1] Criminalized in all countries, but some limited exemptions in place for advancement. Regulatory authorities in several global locations have approved scientific studies…2] …reported to be in close talks with Drugs Councils, DRDD and SKF…



Money Made Easy


Money, in a more simple form:

Money Made Easy

Money does not make the man;

the man makes money.

Money can help mend man;

but man troubles over mending money.

 Money does not make you happy;

Happiness though, is not rooted in poverty.

Poverty does not mend man;

and man will not mend poverty.

So, rather:

Money does make the man,

because with it he makes more money.

His making more money creates

these uncomfortable gaps to poverty.

So money may not make you happy.

but poverty does not allow free liberty.

Man will still make money, congruent

with his ‘Right’ views on socialists, and ‘their’ poverty.

*Not being sexist: man = human