It was only au revoir…

Ted as a cat (6) - Feline Believer

Trans-species animals. Ted, Springer spaniel thinks he’s human; wants love and affection, but craves feline-eqsue independence. Except, for example, when terrifying carrier bags hang menacingly from tree branches. Said feline hopes disintegrate instantaneously with only safety being found at owner’s heels [which, despite experience, has resulted in more ted-and-owner face-plants than have been kept count!].

Hello all!

Just a post to firstly, apologise for the massively long silence; and secondly, to thank you all for not having upped and outed during said postlessness. Very much appreciated!

After a year and a half of unexpected gunk, am looking forward to catching up on everyone’s posting and life shenanigans!

….And given this is a boring, rather inconsequential post, thought it apt to lighten it with a rather inconsequential pic (for both the cat and dog lovers out there – if you hate animals, my apologies!).

S’good to be back.