Insomnia’s Dependence


There they rush again: the hours to four,

All in a quandary,

Leaving five as futile and taking flight from fancy.

Lifeless six festers among dawn silhouettes;

Mind awash;

And ill-prepared for a day’s oratory requests.

Temazepam was the committed tipple,

But they whipped that away.

Now I read, write, and lay awake completely crippled.

Perpetually imagining dreams;

Insomnia’s needy disposition dictates No Relief.

So, operating machinery whilst drowsy;

I forget to send RSVPs to Sleep’s parties.

I want to meet and greet Sleep; see what we’ve got in common,

But Insomnia meets my subconscious before me,

And tactfully turns Sleep’s


Either that, or Insomnia wants to be my only friend.

And not to be contrary, except; it’s an absolute bully.

Insomnia’s the omniscient panic in a waking dream;

An enemy at the gates,

To Sleep’s invariably,  allusive screen.

What was it Sleep had found so offensive;

To allow Insomnia’s grip to be so utterly, and

Overwhelmingly comprehensive?


It was only au revoir…

Ted as a cat (6) - Feline Believer

Trans-species animals. Ted, Springer spaniel thinks he’s human; wants love and affection, but craves feline-eqsue independence. Except, for example, when terrifying carrier bags hang menacingly from tree branches. Said feline hopes disintegrate instantaneously with only safety being found at owner’s heels [which, despite experience, has resulted in more ted-and-owner face-plants than have been kept count!].

Hello all!

Just a post to firstly, apologise for the massively long silence; and secondly, to thank you all for not having upped and outed during said postlessness. Very much appreciated!

After a year and a half of unexpected gunk, am looking forward to catching up on everyone’s posting and life shenanigans!

….And given this is a boring, rather inconsequential post, thought it apt to lighten it with a rather inconsequential pic (for both the cat and dog lovers out there – if you hate animals, my apologies!).

S’good to be back.

Money Made Easy


Money, in a more simple form:

Money Made Easy

Money does not make the man;

the man makes money.

Money can help mend man;

but man troubles over mending money.

 Money does not make you happy;

Happiness though, is not rooted in poverty.

Poverty does not mend man;

and man will not mend poverty.

So, rather:

Money does make the man,

because with it he makes more money.

His making more money creates

these uncomfortable gaps to poverty.

So money may not make you happy.

but poverty does not allow free liberty.

Man will still make money, congruent

with his ‘Right’ views on socialists, and ‘their’ poverty.

*Not being sexist: man = human 

Recipe for Misanthropy (iCreme filled)

A very dear friend of mine has recently lost his freedom. The playground in his head is unique. This wonderful man accepts in me something otherwise labelled by many, as merely ‘cynical’ or ‘negative’. He understands a significant paradox; enough to amalgamate my name into a term of endearment (MisanthRosie). His acceptance provides such freedom, so Steinberg (endearment), this one is for you. xx



1 cup panic induced insomnia

1 cup fear induced narcolepsy

2 teaspoons futile hope

1 tablespoon smugregano

3 cups anti-terrorist propaganda

1/2 teaspoon blind-solidarity

1 teaspoon “no i in team” (dried)

ten cups infra-red satellite


Beat insomnia and narcolepsy until creamed. Fold in futile hope and “no i in team” and beat until fluffy. Slowly stir in smugregano until mixture resembles lottery winning 2.4, and quickly add blind-solidarity.

In a separate bowl, mix anti-terrorist propaganda with infra-red satellite and blend until ingredients form masque. Slowly pour masque over other ingredients and leave to set.

iTeam Creme (


1/2 cup ‘pickley capers’

4 tablespoons walk-over powder

1.5 cups trivia 

2 heaped tablespoons sugar-coated edification

1/2 teaspoon bonding tape

1 tablespoon shallow-waters


Gently beat ‘pickley capers’ with walk-over powder and sift in the trivia. Stir in sugar-coated edification with subtle motion and blend with bonding tape. Leave in shallow waters until vantage point medley formed.

Bake in app-oven for 20 minutes or until lukewarm. Smother tepid medley over the ready-prepared masque, ensuring all angles and sides covered.

Et voilà!

Published January, 2014, ‘Vice Verses’ Poem Anthology, Forward Poetry